Case Studies : Claire Worthington

Claire's partner Mark with baby Jordan
(also pictured below)


Name : Claire Worthington

Age : 17

Number of children : 1

Name and age of child : Jordan aged 10 months

I found out about the Early Years Project through a friend of my mother, who was working as a cleaner for the project. I was telling her about the trouble I was having at school and she suggested I gave Early Years a ring to see if there was anything they could do to help.

On the first visit from the project worker I was a little nervous but I was also very eager to get to get talking to her, as I had been forced by my school to leave when I was two months pregnant and the Early Years Project was my last hope of finishing my education.

In the end, with the help of the Early Years, I was able to finish my G.C.S.Es for which I am very grateful. After I left school I thought I would have to stay at home most of the time, but the project got me involved in a lot of activities, which also included my daughter Jordan.

Now, again with the help of the Early Years, I am employed by Synergy Centres in Springvale Business Park producing this web site to promote the Early Years Project.

Claire Worthington ( young mother )

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