On-Line Brochure : Foreword

For three decades the Greater Shankill area has suffered dramatically from the triple impact of economic decline, redevelopment and the troubles. Consequences of population loss, education under achievement and long term ill-health, are some of the indicators of deep disadvantage within the community.

Over the past three years the community of Greater Shankill has been devising a long term regeneration strategy that will shape its future into the new millennium. The strategy argues that the area's greatest resource is its people and has set in motion a process and programme that will invest heavily in the people of the Greater Shankill.

The Greater Shankill Partnership Co. Ltd., has been established as the vehicle to develop and deliver the regeneration strategy. Its Board and various structures bring together local Councilors, community organisations, public bodies and private sector representative to drive this forward on a partnership basis.

Significant gains have already been won, most critically in the Early Years Project. The Project seeks to intervene, on an unprecedented scale, with one new generation of children in the Greater Shankill area and their parents, aiming to create a new generation of opportunity.

The Early Years Project is one of a series of developments across the fields of education, training, employment, health, the environment and sports, which will contribute to the physical, social and economic regeneration. Together the community can realise its vision of the Greater Shankill emerging into the 21st century as a strong vibrant and sustainable community.

Jackie Redpath
Chief Executive
Greater Shankill Partnership Co. Ltd.
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