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Principles And Ethos

The principles underlying the project are to:

  • Recognise the power and value of the family.

  • Ensure that the initiative is community led and indigenous to the culture of the area.

  • Embrace a community development strategy in all aspects of the programmes.

  • Reflects good childcare practice in all aspects of the programmes.

  • Established an equality of relationships with parents, respecting and supporting them as partners in education and opportunities provision.

  • Provide opportunities for parents to engage in a learning process, which will be innovative, flexible, people centered, quality driven and measurable.

  • Operate on a partnership basis within the local community, with state organisations and transnationally.

  • Make transparent and accountable the structures and processes of management, finance and decision making.

  • Recognise the need for adequate child care provision as a basic requirement for all programmes associated with Urban.

  • Seek to manage programmes effectively within budget.

  • Encourage community sourcing of service, staffing and materials where appropriate.

  • The project will endeavour to apply good employment practices.

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