Project Design


Claire Worthington 

My name is Claire Worthington. I am seventeen years old. My project worker from the Early Years Project told me about a job available in Synergy Centres at Springvale Business Park. The job would last for three months and would involve designing and producing this website for the Early Years Project. I knew straight away I wanted the job. So a meeting was arranged with Brenda Lappin (Cyberskills Manager) Michelle Gilmore - who I would be working with and two of the Early Years Project Workers. 

It was agreed then that the job was ours. We started approximately three weeks later. Once we started the job we were able to go through a set of three workshops. These involved Awareness, E-Mail and The Internet and World Wide Web. 

Our training involved learning how to use different types of media and use it together in a package. This included video, audio, sound and music and graphics. Our research built up gradually and we finished on our deadline three months later. 



Michelle Gilmore 

My name is Michelle Gilmore I am eighteen years old. My sister is a team leader for the Early Years Project, and told me about a three month post in Synergy Centres to design and produce a web site to promote the Early Years Project. I was very interested and came to Synergy and met Brenda Lappin (CyberSkills Manager) who explained in more detail what the job involved.  I also met Claire Worthington who I would be working with it was agreed we got the job and we were given our starting date. We started approximately three weeks later. 

When we started the only experience we had with computers was wordprocessing so we had to go through various training courses to get to know how to use the different software on the computers.  We went through three different workshops: Awareness Workshop, E-Mail Workshop and Internet and World Wide Web Workshop. Then we had to start training on what multimedia was and how to use the different packages which included video, audio and graphics . 

Then we started collecting our research and various information about the Early Years Project and what it does: this was followed by interviews with people who are involved in the project and what they thought. All our research built up gradually and we finished on our deadline three months later. Through this experience myself and Claire have both been employed by Synergy Centres for a further twelve months as Mulitmedia Trainees. 



Synergy Centres 

Based in Springvale Buisness Park, West Belfast, Synergy Centres specialises in new and emerging information technologies.

Jointly owned by the University of Ulster and ICL, enabled by funding from the EU Special Support Programme for Peace and Reconciliation and supported by NICLR, Synergy Centres realises the potential of combining near market research with commercial acumen on a global scale. 

Focusing its attention on the communities of North and West Belfast, Synergy Centres is staffed by a unique and diverse team of accomplished CyberSkills trainers, creative multimedia professionals and technology transfer specialists.

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