On-Line Brochure : Information Officer

Communication is vital to the success of every organization and particularly when that organization is all about a totally new concept delivered in a totally new way. My role as Information Officer has, from the beginning, been to spread the word about the Early Years Project not only to potential families and project workers but also to the relevant community groups and professional bodies which may impact on, or benefit from, the project.

Initially this involved :

  • Creating an instantly recognizable logo which would clearly brand all printed materials and promotional events

  • Writing, printing and distributing a colourful and attractive leaflet.

The first four months were also spent visiting and making presentations to community groups- churches, Women's Groups, Young People, and the professionals such as doctors, midwifes, health visitors and the local maternity units. We also welcomed the chance to take part in any exhibitions and information days run by other groups. During this time the project was officially launched providing an excellent opportunity for publicity.

As the project developed with more project workers appointed and more activities offered, regular updates have been mailed to the local community. The media have also been kept fully informed through written articles and TV/Radio interviews. It is also my responsibility to keep the Greater Shankill Partnership and the Management Committee of Early Years updated on a monthly basis.

The project has been in existence for over two years and from an information aspect the interest both locally and internationally has been immense. A small book has been compiled from anecdotal evidence looking at the project from a community users view and it is hoped to do a similar book from the funders and professionals view later in the year. Both will be available for a small fee.

May Blood
Information Officer.


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