On-Line Brochure : Operational Bases

The project operates from five operational bases at present. Four units of the Argyle Business Centre house the head office and the clerical and administrative team. The Martin Centre in the Ballygomartin area, the only permanent outreach/drop-in centre, was opened in July 1996 by Lady Mayhew and houses the Ballygomartin team.

The Shankill team operates from a temporary base at 145 Shankill Road. The Ballysillan base are also operating from a temporary base in Legann Street. Unfortunately a lack of space has not allowed the drop-in team to provide a facility for parents and children in the building, but to the teams credit this has not prevented them from developing the project in their area.

In March 1997 last year we found it necessary due to the growth of the project, to acquire further temporary premises on the Woodvale road. This property has been leased by Bryson House and will temporarily house the Child Development Officer, the teams for Infrastructure, Young Parents and Male Parents.

As is apparent, the first year of the Project's operation was spent putting our management structures into place, building up our staff quota, developing relationships with families, the community, and relevant statutory and voluntary agencies in the area.

By this time next year we plan to be settled into two new operational bases. The one in the Ballysillan area due to be completed in December 1998 will house the team on a more permanent basis and will also provide their long awaited drop-in facility. In addition these will provide 16 flexible day-care places for the area. The second base in the Shankill area, due to be completed in Spring 1999 will house the Shankill team and their drop-in facility, offices for the Infrastructure, the Young Parents and the Male Parents team, all the management and support staff and a further 32 day-care places.

However the major visible emphasis for the Project's development over the next year, will be the development for the greater Shankill area, of a plethora of child centered services which will allow all the children of the are to move forward the next millennium prepared and confident to deal with whatever the future holds for them.

Maureen Dunwoody
Project Director.

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